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Best Fighting Games On Xbox One

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Do you look for Best Fighting Games On Xbox One? Than read each of our listing properly. We have scores on ten selected products for Fighting Games On Xbox One Reviews. Based on 39717 reviews publicly available online for Best Fighting Games On Xbox One our team created this shortlist. Hope it will help you to find Fighting Games On Xbox One Reviews with us.

1Mortal Kombat XL - Xbox One9.8Buy On Amazon
2Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Xbox One9.8Buy On Amazon
3Dragon Ball FighterZ Day One Edition - Xbox One9.4Buy On Amazon
4Mortal Kombat 11 (Xbox One)9.2Buy On Amazon
5Attack on Titan - Xbox One9Buy On Amazon
6Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Standard Edition - Xbox One9Buy On Amazon
7Attack on Titan 2 - Xbox One8.8Buy On Amazon
8Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Xbox One8.8Buy On Amazon
9Titanfall 2 - Xbox One8.6Buy On Amazon
10Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle - Xbox One8.2Buy On Amazon

Table Of Content:

1. Mortal Kombat XL – Xbox One

  • Includes main game, and new playable characters Alien, Leatherface, Triborg, and Bo’Rai Cho.
  • Previously released playable characters.

2. Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Xbox One

  • Survive and thrive in the deadliest place on Earth: master an unforgiving jungle setting in order to survive; Explore underwater environments filled with crevasses and deep tunnel systems.
  • Become One with the jungle: outgunned and outnumbered, lara must use the jungle to her advantage; STRIKE suddenly and disappear like a Jaguar, use mud as camouflage, and instill fear in enemies.
  • Discover dark and brutal Tombs: Tombs are more terrifying than ever before, requiring advanced traversal techniques to reach them, and once inside they are filled with deadly puzzles.
  • Uncover living history: discover a hidden city and explore the biggest hub space ever found in a Tomb Raider game.

3. Dragon Ball FighterZ Day One Edition – Xbox One

  • Allows players to train and master more than one fighter/style which brings deeper gameplay
  • Using the power of the Unreal engine and the talented team at Arc System Works, DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a visual tour-de-force.
  • Experience aerial combos, destructible stages, famous scenes from the DRAGON BALL anime reproduced in 60FPS and1080p resolution (higher resolutions will be supported on PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio).

4. Mortal Kombat 11 (Xbox One)

  • Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise
  • The all new Custom Character Variations give you unprecedented control to customize the fighters and make them your own.
  • The new graphics engine showcasing every skull-shattering, eye-popping moment, brings you so close to the fight you can feel it.
  • Featuring a roster of new and returning Klassic Fighters, Mortal Kombat’s best in class cinematic story mode continues the epic saga over 25 years in the making.
  • Pre-order now to get Shao Khan and Beta Access

5. Attack on Titan – Xbox One

  • Fight in a violent and relentless battlefield where the situation constantly changes from moment to moment.
  • Using the “Omni-directional mobility gear” created specifically for battle with Titans allows you to fly freely across and above the battlefield.
  • It is the duty of the Scout Regiment, to which Eren belongs, to travel beyond the Wall and expand the territories of mankind.
  • Custom Toon Shader” – the latest graphical fusion of anime and game styles that uses physical rendering brings the rich Attack on Titan world to glorious life!.

6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Standard Edition – Xbox One

  • Infinity ward, the award-winning studio that helped create the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, reaches new heights with Call of Duty: Infinite warfare.
  • Call of Duty: Infinite warfare delivers something for every Call of Duty fan with three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies.
  • Delivering a rich and engaging narrative in a setting unlike anything to date in a Call of Duty game, the campaign is a return to the franchise’s gritty, military roots throughout new environments never before seen in the franchise.
  • The player will embark on a classic war story about grand scale warfare; all set in a grounded future where human conflict has spread throughout our solar system.

7. Attack on Titan 2 – Xbox One

  • Attack on Titan 2 is the gripping sequel to 2016’s titanic action game
  • Features an abundance of new gameplay mechanics
  • Players will once again don the renowned Omni-directional manoeuver gear as they fight and repel the fearsome Titans that threaten humanity.

8. Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Xbox One

  • New Generation Dragon Ball – Enjoy your favorite manga on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the first time ever! Also available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
  • Improved Gameplay – Fast paced and powerful battles await to be discovered, including real-time transformation!.
  • Strong Immersion – Inspired from one of the most famous series ever created.
  • New World Setup – A clock that once had stopped will start to tick again in an enigmatic and futuristic city!.
  • Original Battles – Take part in epic fights against ferocious enemies such as Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and much more!.

9. Titanfall 2 – Xbox One

  • Advanced, Action Packed Gameplay: Whether fighting as a Pilot, the dominant force on The Frontier, or as a Titan, 20 foot tall war machines, Titanfall 2 provides an incredibly fun, fluid, and thrilling combat experience that is unmatched.
  • Captivating Single Player Campaign: Step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot; Stranded behind enemy lines, and against overwhelming odds, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard class Titan and uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out.
  • Deeper Multiplayer Action: With six brand new Titans, a host of deadly new Pilot abilities, an expanded customization system, new modes and much more, Titanfall 2 gives players the deeper Multiplayer experience they have been asking for.
  • Play with Friends, or Make New Ones: The social tissue of Titanfall 2, Networks makes it fast and easy to play with friends old and new; Whether Social or Competitive, players will be able to create and join a variety of Networks that best suit their play styles and preferences.

10. Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle – Xbox One

  • Battle through the gripping narrative of Season 1 and 2 of the anime from a new perspective! Players can also enjoy original stories supervised by series creator Hajime Isayama.
  • Besides playable characters over 40, players can also create your very own character by “Character Editor”.
  • Experience up to Season 3 story of TV anime! Experience the story from the same viewpoint as the character highlighted in the original.

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